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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Halls Gap seen from the top of a big hill on an extremely windy day

Well I am home from teaching in the Grampians.
What fun it was

Met the lovely Teresa Dair and her husband Stephen
and got myself knitting again
after buying a couple of her books
and some wonderful linen yarn
I will show you results (or not)
when it is finished.

I spent a few days in Melbourne before and after

Bought a few presents including a glass muller
So I can begin to process my own pigment
Just like in Sandy Webster's book
Earthen Pigments as seen in the sidebar

I have recently signed up for this
Yes, Jude Hills wonderful What If Diaries
I am looking forward to lots of cozy stitiching by the fire
as winter settles in down here

I bought this Book
by Julie Daniluk
in my continuing search for a diet
that works for me

And biggest of all

Bought THIS
Your Big Beautiful Book Plan

So now I am going to have to get stuck in and write that book I keep rabbiting on about

Meanwhile back at the ranch
Preparations are well underway for the upcoming Encaustic Retreat in Albany

Now back to your regularly scheduled program

x te


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Trace. Just came over from What If Diaries to enjoy your blog. Your encaustic work is subtle and sophisticated, very lovely. Looking forward to seeing you over at Jude's!
best from Tunisia,

Sweetpea said...

Good morning from America, have come to say "Hi" via What If-ing and realize I have visited your blog many times before. Pardon me tho, I am not a disciplined commenter ;>/ I will try to be better!

When I began to have lots of inflammation issues and felt older than the hills, I took myself to a naturopath and she ran blood tests on me to determine *specific* foods to stay away from. Easy-peasey. When the tests came back I was aghast at what I was allergic to (had no idea except for the gluten issue) and immediately cut all those items from my diet. That was my big turning point - before that, I was only guessing ... and not really healing.

Lovely to see all your handwork here! Bye for now.

Velma Bolyard said...

trace, it's good to hear your much richness