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Monday, April 22, 2013


Denmark Easter Market

Well I have to admit I have been having
a rather nice relaxing time at home
Since the retreat finished
some weeks ago

Denmark Easter Market

There was a trip outto the Markets over Easter

Denmark Easter Market
where I sold 3 encasutic Paintings

Have enjoyed the odd fabulous sunset

Been enterrained by these cockatoos
they come down a few at a time
to drink from the duck pond

But there were many more in the trees
awaiting their turn
there were at least 50 of them
if not more and at one point I was surrounded
by them
and they are not quiet birds

Trips to the beach
This is Dan emerging
after his first testing of his new
semi dry suit and new BC

Playing with rust in the studio

Packaging up earth pigment and Indigo
to sell

macking up little paint charts
The top one is milk paint
 the bottom is egg

Bought myself a collection of
and I am having a lot of fun
making silly drawings

and another one

Luscious texture

all natural of course

This is Myrtle
I made her many years ago when I was at Uni
She is a piece of leather which I stretched over a stone
Obviously pre natural days!!!
She has recently moved to the deck

things are happening
a new wall going in

Here you can see what used to be out front door
But now it will be the new bedroom door
Yay more room

Well thats what has been happening around here
I will try to update a bit more frequently
in future

x te


A mermaid in the attic said...

Wow, sounds like you've been having fun, and I'm very intrigued by those luscious looking pigment tubs! Do they come with instructions? I love the earth colours.
Hey Trace, probably not likely I know, but if you're anywhere near Nannup next week, I'm having an exhibition there, so do drop in!

Jo Murray said...

Congratulations on your sales keeps the art moving along. Enjoy the extra's all hard work.

Velma Bolyard said...

well, when you do go away, a LOT seems to happen! YAY for the sales and i have to admit your strange beings make me smile. wonderful doings, trace.

Trace Willans said...

Thanks Velma and Jo. What I must do is practice taking photos of the things I do,that way i could show you alot more.
Hi Christine, Their will be a recipe book to go with the pigments. In fact it will come in at least 2 versions. 1 will be basic recipes for sale or free with a full set of earth pigments (indigo sold seperately) and I will also have for sale small books which will contain much more info plus lots of colour swatches as shown above and links etc as well as small piece of my art work most likely silly pictures. But email me and we can work out what you need. Or better yet come down for a play day. xte