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Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Tea

Laying out to dry
Tea bags and psuedo coffe bags

Tea Tags
And bags that didnt make the grade soaking
for a retry

Some emptys

And behind some delicious rusty metal plates

The thing is I don't actually drink tea
Well not real tea
though ocasionally
there will be some form of green tea
and of course jasmine tea at Yum Cha
but at home it is Licorice Tea
or Coffee
But as I am trying to wean myself off coffee
for the moment
I am down to one a day
My alternative is Dande Roast
a blend of Roasted Dandelion and
Chicory Root
with a little Organic Cocoa added
It will do for now

But the upside awesome little coloured bags

x te


Valerianna said...

Love these last two posts of experiments. I've been saving my tea bags for a long time, haven't done a thing with them yet, maybe after Monday which is my last day of teaching for the summer. Good luck letting go of coffee. I did it for 12 years and then started again!

I love Dandelion Coffee... except the cost is more even than coffee.

Jo Murray said...

There's no doubt that teabags are the going trend. These look great.

Lynda Howells said...

L'ooking beautiful xx

Trace Willans said...

I went coffee free for a very long time. Mind you the first time I gave it up I was on many coffees per day, lets say about 10. This time I have been on 2 cups for about he last 6 months, and now down to 1 so I am not the addict I used to be. And unless I have massive health benefits I don't intend giving it up forever. This is one of those exercises in elimination, give up all the good stuff and then add it back and see what effect that has.

Seth said...

Great shots of such a fun and fascinating process.