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Monday, April 29, 2013

Total Lack of Tea

I thought it might be nice to show some of the
unrelated to tea things that I have been up to
I soaked 3 Tshirts in soy milk
and then naturally dyed them
with leaves and some natural dye powder
I had left over from the workshop I taught
at Beautiful Silks last year
I was not entirely happy with the results
But as I tell my students
that is just an opportunity to do something else

Here I printed with the rusty etching plates
seen in a previous post

This one you may want to open in another window
egg printed with a lino block
then dyed with leaves
see tutorial here

This is another Tshirt that has not been soyed
But I have been using it as a paint rag
It is now curing before I wash it
and either wear as is
or overdye
I am thining I may have my new range
of clothes to sell.

And here are some tiny books

All made from bits of old prints
from uni
This is the last of them now
so now I will have to do some new prints
to use in my books
Naturally of course

x te

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