The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Open Studio

This is the cover of the sample book
I have been working on

It is composed prinicaply of teabags
and a semi transparent paper I have
Fully transparent when covered in wax

I am exploring different ways of working with them

Some are fully covered with the teabag and some only partially

Some feature Xanthorrhoea Resn

each has the page cut out behind them
so I can see the light coming through


As I am working on a series
that will be framed in old bee frames

I love the detail

when I view them
placed in front of a window

But the detail changes
when the light is removed

Giving a whole different look at night

The reason for all this activity
is the upcoming
Great Southern Art Trail
for which I will be opening my
studio to the public
More details shortly

Above pigments and resin
ready for sale



JudyD said...

Lovely, Trace!

Jo Murray said...

Oooer....wish I lived closer,.

Debbie said...

Beautiful, wish i could see them in the flesh so to speak

Yvette said...

for me too...wish i could see them life