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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tide Marks

Tide Marks
all natural mixed media on board
30 x 30cm

$250 plus postage

this is the view I have 
each day on my morning walk 
looking out over the mudflats 
to the sea

I glued down a piece of silk noil
over 2/3rds of the board
and then applied starch paste over most of it
and scratched into it
 milk paint has been applied and then ink
which was washed off
after it had thoroughly dried
I have added wax and dry pigment

This is the piece I entered into the local art prize
I did not win anything
and it is likely I will be bringing it home 
but I am good with that
we are living in a fully furnished apartment
and the art is not to my taste

x te

1 comment:

Fiona Dempster said...

That looks like art of your place Trace…
I just made a skirt today and added in some of the eco-dyed fabric you sent me ages ago (as you departed Tassie) - how cool is that? Go well.