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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Painting with Cold Wax

Cold Wax Medium
This is a wonderful painting medium, a bit like painting with butter

 The safest way is to add your pure gum turpentine or citrus solvent to the wax in a glass jar and leave for a couple of weeks to dissolve. I have not had a great deal of success with this method.Or my preferred method is to heat the wax ( You can use either premade encaustic medium or straight beeswax) and then remove from the heat and add the pure gum turpentine stirring till well mixed and allow to cool. Begin with a 50/50 mix and adjust until you have a mix you like. Remember it can always be thinned by adding more turpentine when cold to make a glazing consistency
For a quick alternative to try but some beeswax based furniture polish

I mix my cold wax medium with dry pigment and a little walnut oil on a glass plate
you could use a white ceramic plate 

This is the beginning of some pieces of cold wax painting 
on watercolour paper covered in traditional gesso
some lovely red oxide to begin

then yellow ochre

indigo blue
I use raw natural indigo powder
This is a painting done entirely with
cold wax medium,
walnut oil,
and natural pigment 

Here it is finished with scratching 
and rubbed with indigo and walnut oil

And second piece before

and after


Velma Bolyard said...

i feel like i've entered the workshop of the alchemistress. seriously funny trip to the hardware shop yesterday after work and still jetlagged looking for what i have come to believe we call "denatured alcohol". also shellac flakes.

Trace Willans said...

You are most welcome in my workroom. Yes denatured alcohol will work, though I believe methelayted spirits are still alcohol but with something extra that is particularly nasty. Flakes are the only way I have seen shellac here in Oz I was most surprised when told that over there you can buy it as a premix. Nice to see you were so eager to start playing you went shopping even while laggy. Have fun with your treasures I look forward to seeing what happens next.x te