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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Testing Marks More Experiments

All of these samples are on cotton fabric
which had been previously 
painted/stained/marked with 
Xanthorrhoea Resin in methylated spirits
You could substitute Shellac
they were then gessoed
(rabbit skin Glue and whiting)
on one side only
each was marked as noted
under the image
and then dipped in methylated spirit
to see how it reacted

bought rice paste + white pigment
dipped while wet

Rice paste + white pigment dried

Rembrant Brand soft pastel

White Conte Crayon

White Charcoal

Schminke Soft Pastel

Art Spectrum Soft Pastel

Rice paste + Copper Pigment Dry

Rice paste + Copper Pigment Wet

Rice paste + Terre Vert Pigment Wet

Rice paste + Terre Vert Pigment Dry

This was the rice paste I used here
I will most likely also
try using home made rice paste
maybe also wheat paste.
who knows
the permutations are fascinating
and endless

or maybe that is just me

Any questions
please ask

x te


Velma Bolyard said...

ok, here goes: Trace, you show us beautiful samples, what I would like to know are your observations about them--what do you see happening that is of interest and may lead to other experiments...and why. (you did say ask!)

Trace Willans said...

I am not sure that there is any real purpose other than curiosity. I have all this stuff around me and I start to do things and something takes over and says, what about this or this or this. What if.... I had the pastels for I have no idea, some project I imagined I was going to do and didn't. I just found it interesting how some of the pastels degraded more than others. And you do need to remember that these samples are not recent and I am just very pleased I wrote notes on the back. I probably had some vague idea of simple imagery and as I was deeply into the dipping things stage at the time this is the result. I just like to play, it is probably a form of procrastination and makes me feel like I am actually doing something when really I am not. But I like to do it even if it really achieves nothing and who knows maybe someone else will do something with the information. or even be intrigued enough to do their own. Further experiments would be to see if I can replicate what I did and I was fascinated that the wet Terre Vert did better than the dry, now why would that be. And what other pastes can I make and what would that react like. But whether there will be any actual purpose??? Not even I know that. I hope this incredibly long ramble is helpful.