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Monday, July 2, 2018

Marks on Wax, Samples

I have been sorting through my vast collection of samples
and thought I might just share them
They are all started with a little clear wax 
on water colour paper
Some also have some indigo wax
made by dissolving natural indigo powder
straight into the molten clear wax
It is often difficult to make marks directly onto the wax
So I make them onto a sheet of tracing paper
(you can use other paper)
then place it mark side down on the cool wax
and burnish well

This coloured charcoal pencils

Ordinary Bic Biro/Ball point pen

Graphite Stick

Indian Ink applied direct


A carbon paper transfer

This is a small piece of Chinese Joss Paper
placed on the wax burnished well
then wet throughly
and then gently rub off the paper backing

and last copper leaf applied to a raised area of wax

I hope someone benefits
from my samples
More soon

x te


Jo Murray said...

Works well....I can almost smell the wax.

Aine Scannell said...

thanks for sharing inspiring