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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Buttons Galore

I promised you buttons and buttons you shall have. Well pictures of buttons anyway. So this is what it looks like in the button factory at the moment.
Lots and lots of buttons drying ready to go in the kiln for their first firing.

They have been rolled out some with texture,

and then cut out with a cookie cutter,

and then each one had had holes put in,

with a little punch that has to be cleaned out after every hole,

Yes every time!!!!

Then after they dry for a while,

each one must be individually wiped with a damp sponge

to make sure all the edges are nice are nice and smooth. And this is only the beginning.

The saga will continue

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I have been preparing little boards with a layer of beeswax to some encaustic paintings.

And these are little canvases also prepared and with the first 2 coats of milk paint to turn into masterpieces next week. So busy busy busy in my studio at the moment.


Isis said...

wow you do look busy! i love the texture on those buttons

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Great work! They look wonderful!