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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye Year

And so we come to the end of another year and it was a good one for me this year. Got my small business up and taking baby steps, sold a couple of things on Etsy, relocated to Tasmania albeit temporarliy, spent more time with my bestest buddy Naomi and made some really cool stuff.
I know I said that the little paintings would be going on Etsy but well there seems to be a time lag going on, but instead this little beauty has gone on instead. Its a little too warm for Ozzie buyers to get excited over this one at them moment even down here we managed to get to 30C which is more than is usual.
So it's a recycled wool vest all local Tasmanian eucalyptus dyes hand stitched by moi with naturally dyed silk thread. Above is the front and below the back. But you could probably work that out for yourselves!
And yes thats me in the picture, very reluctant and more than happy to have me head chopped off. And as a special New Years break treat to myself, I have two more of these dyed up and ready for stitching, though perhaps not till tomorrow after the bubbles have worn off.
Hope you all have a frabjous New Year. See you in the next one.


india flint said...

he he they're popping up like mushrooms



Kate Moore said...

Ah, that vest is beautiful. The colours glorious.