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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Market Day

Tomorrow is the last Homespun Market for the year and the next one isn't till the 9th of January so you best get down there. I will be there for both of these dates and then I will be gone till the end of February. At this stage I will be in Melbourne for a market on the 14th of February and am awaiting news on whether I will be at the Sustainable Living Festival on the 13th. Course you can always find me on Etsy or contact me through the blog or visit me at the Studio.

I will have a few new t-shirts at the markeket tomorrow and hopefully a few of my paintings. One of which sold yesterday before it was even properly dry, I hadnt signed it or written it's name on. (I did this before it left though) So you see what happens if you visit the studio, first dibs.

The buttons went in the kiln on wenesday and were fired yesterday so on monday I will get to begin the next process which will produce the beautiful colours. Unfortunately this means they won't be ready for this market.

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