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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer Holidays

well now that everyone else seems to have had their holidays and are now firmly into the new year, I am going to have my time off. Its not that I wanted to out of step with everyone else but when you have to fly from one side of the continent to the other, cheaper flights are vitally important. Esp as 1 of us is a student and the other a fledgling business. So we leave tomorrow evening and from the time we leave here to the time we arrive there will be 9 hours. Oh my ,thats a long time. I will need a couple of good books for that one. But it will be oh so good to see the chilluns, who we havent seen for a whole year. Which is far too long.
So the big haul from here in Launceston to Perth for a few days and then we drive southwards for about 5 hours till be reach the southern ocean where we have a few acres of heaven waiting for us. There we can sit on our deck and look out over our land while eating homemade pizza from the pizza oven we built ourselves. There will undoubtedly be something in the way of liquid refreshments as well. Long lazy days punctuated by trips to the beach and the odd bit of drifting down the river in the tinnie. Maybe I will post pictures, if I have the energy to lift the camera.

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Tam said...

have a great holiday! would love to see pictures if you can bring yourself to take some...