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Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally Pictures

I promised pictures and here they are. Above is the entry to our humble home in the bush. We have 36 acres in the Great Southern area of Westerna Australia so at the moment we are a long way from home. On the left in is a self seeded kangaroo paw and on the right is a philodendron which came from Dans Grandmothers house.
This is the bathroom/deck area.

The waterlilly pond.

Which gets all its water from the outside composting toilet.

The deck where we spend many happy days, and in the background the cob pizza oven which we built ourselves and boy does it do great pizzas.

And out the side facing north a pergola with a grape vine over it, this is a great place to sit in the evening and watch the sunset.

And this is out boating on the inlet.

Not catching fish of an edible size.

And this is one of the days spent at our local beach which is about 15 mins by car.
So all in all a very satisfying holiday though not nearly long enough but they never are. And it is most peculiar going home for a holiday. Dan is back at Uni next week and I am back in the studio, maybe next time I will have photos of the new journals.


Raewyn said...

That looks amazing!

Red (aka Puddleduck!) said...

Hi! Great spot you've got there! Found your blog from your etsy store. Love your earrings, buttons and textile packs! Are you going to put some of your gorgeous pendants on there too? Love what you're doing......... so earthy.

Trace Willans said...

Welcome aboard, Some of the pendants can certainly make there way to Etsy, its just a matter of getting it done.

india flint said...

you live a tough life, don't you....