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Monday, February 22, 2010

Whens it going to be on Etsy!!!!!!!!!!

I must say i was most chuffed this morning when I had not only a new follower (so exciting) but also a request as to when my pendants would be appearing for sale on Etsy. Well now that is always a tricky thing not least because I have asked my partner to be in charge of the Etsy site and well he has not quite got the hang of just getting it up there and fiddling with the photos later. And now that he's back at Uni it may take even longer. And there is alos the fact that as everything I do is a one off I never know quite what to list and what to sell locally at the markets, coz I got a lot of stuff most of which never makes it to etsy. So heres what we are going to do, if anyone ever sees anything on the blog that you would like to know a price for or would like more info or anything really please just let me know and i will be morethan happy to do a private little deal. As for the pendants they are $10 ea as is or $20 with a handmade silk string hangy thing (well i cant call it a chain can I?) with a clay bead closure which can be worn with out the pendant as a necklace in its own right. In fact a store in Melbourne ordered 10 just like that.
I suppose I now need to take photos of that so you know what the heck I am talking about.
Maybe tomorrow

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