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Thursday, February 25, 2010

In the Studio

Brand new journal off to market tomorrow. THis is one of 4 and they are all different. So a front cover done with milk paints, ink and beeswax medium.

Inside I have include pieces of old prints from Uni and TAFE. This is screenprinting with lace.

More screen printing, though this is a little more restrained.

A combo deal, this even includes a small piece of my poetry. This may not be considered a bonus!!

The handstitched spine.

And now a sneak peak at some of the paintings I have been working on. I am teaching a workshop at the end of April in the techniques I use, I though I best do some paintings and pay attention maybe even make some notes!!!!!

If you look closely you can see the form of a nest/basket in this one done with the starch paste. This one is actually finished now and is much darker and I cleaned the nest/basket so it is a lovely creamy colour in contrast. And of course it has been waxed and buffed up to a lovely sheen. This one is 12 x 12in or 30 x 30cm. Best think of a name and then she will be up for sale. Now that I have my canvas stretchers I will making my own supports with hemp canvas and they will just that little bit closer to being ecologically sound.

And two bubby paintings. 6 x 6in or 15 x 15cm.

Another biggie, this one also is finished now and you can see the 3 little eggs/seeds in the bottom of the bowl.
But now it is the weekend and I have a market to prepare for.
Civic Homespun in Launceston this weekend but next sunday I will be in Melbourne at the Sunday Arts @ the Coinvent in Abbotsford. Hope to see you there.


Red (aka Puddleduck!) said...

Gorgeous paintings- is the wax what they call encaustic? The journals are to die for! I'd love to learn to make them- the spine stitching is really quite lovely.... and I especially love how you've sprinkled them with bits of your own work! (I'm sure your poetry is just lovely too!)

Haven't been able to make it to any forums yet. (Still have school aged kids and a new part time day job) ... do you by chance know Glenys Mann who organises a lot of forums and Masterclasses?

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh wow, I am so glad you visited me...and now I am here! I love the spirit of what you do..the earthyness and handmade things, the thought put into it. I flicked back to your burnt buttons...very intriquing! I even love your pizza cob ovem:) I will be back to soak it up some more.

Trace Willans said...

No it is not encaustic (though I am dabbling there) this is a cold wax medium made by mixing melted beeswax removed from the heat source with pure gum turps or better these days citrisolve. It is like working with hmm butter I add powdered pigment for colour. Yes I do know Glenys I have done 2 classes with her and she is fab. Partners are for looking after children while you go away and renew yourself.
Thank you so much for your knid words it is a thrill.

Kate Moore said...

These are beautiful, so earthy and hand made - ready to be held by others hands.
Ah, basil oil. What a good idea. Brilliant. My mother used to have jars of it sitting in sunshine to infuse. Onto it :)