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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last week was spent frantically trying to finish the art quilts I had promised for an exhibition with the Break O Day Stitchers in St Helens. Thankfully I was successful in my mission and they were completed last friday about 4pm.
This one is called 'In Memorium' and was started way back last October in Glenys Manns class.
This is called 'Prelude' and it is a bit blurry but it was the best one.

And this is the back of the one above, coz it was a supposed to be a quilt which some of us know is " two pieces of fabric joined together with stitch". And well it wasn't and I didn't really want to cover up the back as it was just as beautiful as the front but I didn't wish to be disqualified either so I dyed some tissue silk in the hope that it would be seethrough enough to still see the back. I wasn't entirely successful but it was not too bad. So anyway the stitches can only be seen on the back of the quilt.
Then on saturday II spent the day at a market and sunday I had two lovely women come and spend 3 hours in workshop. They have both started dying their very own wrap vests and they made a small piece of felt which they are hoping to dye up at home and make into a wall piece. We hope to get together on a monthly basis with a group of about 6 and I will show them how to make lots of stuff well as long as it is within my capacity.
And yesterday I got my photos organised and sent off my application for the Tasmanian Craft Fair. Fingers crossed I will get in.
And this morning, just as I am starting to make preparations to go away for Easter I get a cold!!!!!!!!! So I am feeling very sorry for myself and I don't think Dan was best pleased when he got soup for dinner.


Red (aka Puddleduck!) said...

Hi Te... These are gorgeous pieces! Hey! Did I already tell you I know Glenys?! Isn't she gorgeous and fun?! Still getting lots of compliments about your necklace! :) Sandi xo

jenny mccabe said...

really love your quilts, such beautiful colors and stitches xxx