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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smoked Eggs

Finally the Egg Brooches have been smoked and are ready for action well they will be as soon as I can get hold of some nice brooch backs, not those silly twiddly ones. So I have some on order and my fingers are crossedthat they will arrive soon. But heres a sneek peak anyway.

More backs


And some more fronts.
The big decision! Some of the backs are nicer than their respective fronts do I turn them over? Can I do double sided brooches? Do I make more? Smooth ones so they are backs on both sides???? Hmm I think perhaps the last ones. Nice shiny ones with swirly smoke patterns. So now its just come on the Backs.


Heartwideopen said...

OH Lordy do I ever love these. I'd like to get some without pin-backs as they'd be lovely beaded around. In fact, some of them could be beaded around the edges and used as a pendant and if it flipped over you'd be able to see the beautiful backs also!!!

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Me too! I even love them plain with no textured imprints! I will have to contact you properly in teh near future, I would love to feature something of yours when we come to do a photo shoot for our collection taht will be available online (and obviously, you would be credited on the site). Interested?

Really lovely work!

Trace Willans said...

I am unsure how you would either bead these or make them into pendants as they are ceramic and there are no holes in them. Perhaps stitch them in like a sisha mirror?
I am more than happy to be featured anywhere!!!
THanks for the lovely compliments.

ellie said...

These are so lovely. Have such a raw earthiness to them; I want to touch, hold, feel them!
I, too, was thinking that pendants would be good. That way they are easy to finger and feel when wearing throughout the day. I don't know if this would work - but could you possibly use a very fine drill to make a hole to turn them into a pendant. Perhaps if you put sticky tape or something that would help the hole to not crack. ??? Just a thought.

Trace Willans said...

Holes need to be put in prior to them being fired and I have tried it and it has to be too close to the edge and it breaks. But I will persist so one day there will be egg pendants. I will also have to look for larger jump rings so I can make the hole further from the edge.

Unknown said...

they are wonderful each way! I love your blog and work!