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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cloth Books

Today I aassembled a little cloth book to take with me on hols to do some drawing in. Inspired by this blog. I just love her stuff so i am doing my own. Well thats the plan anyway. Course I have not sized mine with acrylic paint but with soy milk and so far I am quite pleased with the result. The plan is to have a little book for each of my students at the Port Sorrell workshop for them to do sampling in. Must keep them amused while waiting for paint to dry!!!!
BTW we are off to Bruny Island in the morning for the Easter Break so hopefully there will be pics next week.


lynne h said...

oh te, please let me know how the soymilk sizing works. i'm very interested!

happy travels!


Trace Willans said...

Wow that was fast. These ones I have used a soy milk powder which is an asian brand but I cant tell you what as it is at the studio but I do know it only contains soy no additives I just mixed it up with water to the consistency i required and brushed it on left it to dry then did the other side. For the best soy size it is necessary to start with the dried beans which you soak over night then blend with 3 different lots of water. But it is a lot of work and it has to be used within a day or two. The other option is to use prepackaged soy milk but trying to find one that isnt full of rubbish is nigh on impossible. Pigment can be added to the soy milk to create lovely washes of colour (I only use earth poigments) If some flour is added you can make a nice starch paste to brush on and draw into a slightly different effect is got if you use cows milk powder. The soy milk can be used on cellulose fabric to help make it take up more natural dye. Oh and mixed with pigment (or nice coloured dirt) and patterns drawn on cotton if left to cure is washable. I am more than happy to share.