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Thursday, April 8, 2010


My goodness has it really been that long since I posted? We had a great time on Bruny Island over Easter.

We camped at the neck which is the narrow strip that joins the 2 islands. This is the beach that Dan swam at twice a day and I collected shells with holes in them (so convenient for sewing on) and shell fragments that had been smoothed by the sea.

And this is a shot of the light house right down on the bottom of the south island. We managed to see most of the island in cluding the very nice new art gallery up at Dennes Point and we had a delicous lunch in their new cafe. Then on the way home we collected local produce, smoked salmon from BISH, oysters from Get Shucked, Cheese and bread from the Bruny Island Cheese company all washed down with a bottle of the local wine. I must say I do prefer my oysters cooked and they were delicious just popped onto the coals for a couple of minutes in their shells and then just a touch of lemon. Yum. I also found a huge currypunk fungus in the bush near where we were camped that someone had dumped so I am playing with it in the studio seeing what colours I can get and then I hope to make some paper.

Back home again and into the studio inspiration struck and I now have a lovely collection of encaustic pieces for sale, as well as a lovely purply knitted scarf and two new journals with hand stitched covers.

I hope to see lots of people tomorrow at the Barn Market in Rosny Park down near Hobart and then next weekend I will be in Melbourne hopefully at Ivanhoe and most definitely at the Makers Market.

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Tam said...

Good luck at the Barn Market tomorrow with the lovely Helen and Miriam!