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Thursday, April 29, 2010

NIche Market

Well I am back and technically have been around since monday afternoon but I have been kinda distracted by the Niche Market which starts tomorrow and continues on Saturday. So have been in the studio making things and getting things ready and the same has been happening when I get home at night. Never the womanly chores that must be done.
The workshop in Port Sorell went well. Every body seemed to enjoy them selves. Above is a picture of the doll I made for the swap. And below some of my students work.

Before pictures this one with some very nice texture happening.

Little areas of text.

Lots of nice stuff being glued on.

More pieces.

In this one you can see the pages for one of the little cloth books I made for my students on which some spent more time and had much more fun than the pictures.

And now some of the finished pieces.

And finally a bunch of satisfied customers.

But now back to work, I still havent got everything packed yet.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Well done! Looks like time very well spent and some lovely results:)

lynne h said...

te, i am gazing closely at this little book - and smiling broadly!

everything here is smile making... love it all...

am slowly trying the milk paint that i got. all of the sudden i felt overwhelmed and like i needed to just slow down with new stuff/changes...

peace to you...


Trace Willans said...

Lynne, there is no hurry, it took me years to get where I am. I will see if I can get a picture of a finished book.
x te