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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Suzi BJ's

Just got back from two fantastic markets in Hobart. Eastside and The Barnmarket well worth checking out both. I had a lovely time met lots of people made a whole heap of new contacts and new friends as well as catching up with people I have met before. But best of all was meeting Suzi BJ. What a wonderful warm hearted generous woman. To make it possible for me to do both markets she let me stay overnight in her lovely home and I do mean lovely. Out in the country surrounded by trees the house is a veritable treasure trove of delight. I took heaps of photos most of which unfortunately have turned out blurred which says something about my photography skills as well as the hurry I was in as I was running late. Here I am sharing  just one of them with you. Thats my buttons there, yes those ones in the photo. My buttons all in a line in Suzi BJ's studio. So cool.


treasuresfrommynest said...

you are such a dag; love it tho.......and thanks for blowing my trumpet - t'was good to have you visit and take part in the EastSide Market - I'm sure we'll keep on keeping on

Trace Willans said...

Its been years since anyone called me a dag.It was my pleasure entirely.

hideyo. said...

ohhh what are those gorgeous things on the right? Scarfs?? LOVE IT. Great to hear you had wonderful markets!

treasuresfrommynest said...

those lovely little things are old japanese obi's, purchased from Wafu Works in Kingston; Jan has a great collection of all things wabi sabi
Trace, thanks for the blog list