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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chooks are go

View from the house

The brand new chicken yard is finished and full.
Dan spent many hours on this beauty
which should by all accounts still be up in 20 years time.
The roosting shed is at the left end and the chick rearing area on the right

View from the paddock
And from this side you can see it has it's own water tank.
The chicken nipples are on the way in the mail
and will be installed soon. 

Our new Rooster and 3 of his girls, he has a rosecomb which was unexpected.
You can also see our Muscovy DrakeCedric and off to the side is Hedley

And here is our mother and child.
She is not happy at being segregated to the chick rearing area
But after the chick tried to swim
 in the water bowl
it was deemed safer all round.
I am so happy to have a full complement of birds again.
A place in the country just doesn't seem right without them.
And duck egg pasta is divine.
x te


Meeka said...

That is one awesome chook yard. Looks great, I love the airy sides it looks perfect. Wish I had one like that!

ronnie said...

I love chooks - we are currently planning our new permanent chook housing to go alongside my studio (such is my affection for the chooks - I like to be able to look at them scratching in between my scratchings!)with any luck we'll have some of it finished for when I do the BIG bookworks studio opening in May

Martine said...

I really love this....happy chicken!

india flint said...

luxurious accommodation. room for a sleeping bag?

Jo Murray said...

The chooks must be delighted. That's some new home!

Velma Bolyard said...

chickens are such interesting people, i've only ever had a couple of geese and a duck, but not for long. i think i could move in to such a fine home, sans chicken nipples, please.

Fiona Dempster said...

Such a happy hen house Trace! It's a true masterpiece.