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Thursday, February 16, 2012


starch paste on traditional gesso applied to and open weave cloth on masonite

Over the last couple of days I have been putting together
some painting substrates

Starch paste on plaster applied to and open weave cloth on masonite

and I though some of you might be interested in my process

just plaster

so here we go

plaster and starch paste on heesian applied to pine

I am hoping to get some underneath texture to pick up colour as I apply paint
but being a natural girl I don't use such things as gel/acrylic medium
so i gots to find otherways

plaster and on heesian applied to pine

plaster likes to pop right off pine
well it likes to wait a couple of months and suprise
you one day

so to try and combat that i have applied
an open weave cloth a light one on the smaller pieces
and hessian/jute on the bigger ones
this should give it something to grab onto

plaster and on heesian applied to pine

the starch paste is to give some idea of a horizon line
so I will be vaguely referencing landscape
paint will be added tomorrow

on the toipic of my process
I have been asked by Dorie to teach in the Netherlands
next year May/June 2013
and as you can imagine that is an awfully long way
so I am hoping there might be a few more places that
would be interested in learning my particular brand of madness
And with a lovely mention by the fabulous India
how could I possibly go wrong

please contact me or leave a comment
if you would like to host me.
x te


Velma Bolyard said...

ooohhhhhhh, congrats. the netherlands are kinda far away, so i shall have to wait till melbourne to meet up! i like the samples you're prepping.

Jo Murray said...

Glad you are working on an image Trace... I look forward to its progress.