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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love Followers

Well I see that recent events have given my follower number a wee boost
At the time of wrting this post I am at 99.
So I shall wait till we click over to triple figures and then
there will of course be a celebratory giveaway
I will not be celebrating the third encounter with that\pesky snake!!!
x te


Jo Murray said...

99 is great... am still working on getting there. Congratulations... AND WEAR BOOTS!

dorie said...

congrats, you have reached the 100!!

Martine said...

see there are 100 now.
Congrats to you Trace and i hope you'll manage to come to the Netherlands............

Anonymous said...

congrats on your centenery of followers Trace...

them snakes can be a bugger ...I came home from camping for 3 weeks having not sighted a big tiger just a baby one and a whip snake...and dam if thee wasn't a big tiger on the deck when i went to get the washing in...made the old heart skip a beat i tell you. Havn't seen it since :)