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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birds and fishing moon

This is George

Cedric our Drake


Sophia, Blonde, Big Roy, McChicken

Another Blonde, Hedley

Harriet, Mother


A question was asked about the identity of the duck in the last post
so here I have pictures of everyone
who currently lives at our place
George we raised from a duckling
she is now71/2 years old
and our smartest duck.
The rest of the ducks we have had for about 5 years
and they were farmed out while we were away
the chickens are new since we arrived home
Mother is so called because when she came to us
She had a single tiny chick with her
That chick has now grown up
and is McChicken so named because
she is enormous
with the longest legs
So there may have been some loose talk
about GM
hence the name.

And this the moon I was lucky enough to see last night
down at the beach

Floating majestically
among the clouds.
x te

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Velma Bolyard said...


that duck on my roof wasn't from your place, was it?