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Friday, June 1, 2012


Looking east towards the morning sun

Boy o boy have we had some rain
It didn't seem to bad yesterday in Albany
and we set off home about 1.30pm

Chook yard

We stopped in Denmark
Did our weekend shopping and visit to the library
and Post Office
The first sign of trouble
 a big sign just west of town
indicating care should be taken
because of
Flood Damage!!!
What the?
Well several of the gravel roads had been washed down
onto the highway making for a tricky drive home
Looking North

And when we got home
Half of our gravel road had washed onto our
making for a boggy silty mess

Duck Pond

And the 4000 Litre tank that Dan emptied into the big tank last weekend
Off a 40sqm roof space!!!!!
Now that is a lot of rain
Thank goodness he cleaned the gutters as well
And it continued to rain all night
with thunder and lightening

The Vegie Garden
Thank goodness for raised beds

So these pics are what it looks like this morning
Now that the sun is shining and the skies are blue
Just like nothing happened.
Now to get the washing on the line

x te


Heard while we were in town this afternoon that from thursday evening to friday morning we had
200ml of rain!!!!!
and then it kept rainig till this morning at least another 20-30ml.



lizet frijters said...

Aren't we a country of extremes! Enjoy your weekend home.

india flint said...

is that George puddling about in the pic?

Jo Murray said...

That's a lot of water Trace. Hope it settles down soon.

Velma Bolyard said...

wow. hope you get things straightened around befor eyou have ot head out again.