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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And then there were Three

The Warm Fuzzies are multiplying

The front of journal no 2

the back

No 3 has got a little jazzy


I am thinking about putting these in the etsy shop
but without the journal inside for overseas postage
as to buy a journal would cost less
than the extra postage
what do people think
are they saleable like that?
or do I just keep them for locals?

Ok the warm and fuzzies are now available in my Etsy Shop
x te


Jo Murray said...

Thes warm fuzzies give me the warm fuzzies Trace. I agree that without the journals would work well for poatage.

ronnie said...

I think they are really adorable - maybe you could think about selling them sans journal for aussies too? (it would save a bundle on domestic postage too)