The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Incidental Marks 4

Book 4
Front Cover

Back Cover

Tape Bound Spine

Enigmatic Interior 

Strange Marks




Mysterious Scribblings

Points of Departure


This book is on a soft paper
with fibre inclusions

It is available in my

x te


Amanda said...

Beautiful Trace. What a unique form of journalling. And I love the background you have used behind the book too!

Trace Willans said...

Thank you Amanda, it is one of the ways I make myself use good paper all the time. And I do find I do a lot more work on the background paper than I used to. The cloth I am using as a backdrop is an old wip that I need to finish, it is covered in multiple prints I did on cloth in a printmaking class in 2008 using soy milk and pigment to print with.