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Monday, May 13, 2013

Incidental Marks 5

Bokk 5
Back Cover

Front Cover


A lot of the marks in this book

Come from my atempts

to get Eucalyptus cinerea

to be a paint

and some marks are just doodles

or maybe just spillage

But they are all lovely
now available in my

These books have been sitting
for quite some time
waiting to be bound
which is why it appears that
production is up in my studio
this is in fact not really the case
I do keep getting distracted by other things
Doing the Indigo Workshop
Not very well as yet I might add
but that is what happens when you don't have the right ingredients
and only get to shop once a week
But I will get there.
Hopefully results soon
x te


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Trace,
liked seeing this gestural work... some delicious marks and interesting media. Hope all is good with you!


Jo Murray said...

Yummy books Trace.