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Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Trip to Cairns

Cane Sugar in flower

We are sorting out issues with our new to us car
which entails trips up to Cairns
It is a 2 1/2 hour drive not helped
by lots of road works
and this time
pouring rain

But we did find the pool on the Esplanade
tihs time

Right there in town on the waterfront
a free pool
Here you can see one of the life guards

there are no fences and no charge
to get in

what an awesome idea

Course part of the reason is you can't swim in the ocean
this day the tide was out
and you could see the muddy brown bottom

Lunch time saw us at Barnacle Bill's

Though my dining companion
was a little preoccupied 

Even older folk do it

This is a sample of the weather
we have been getting
Grey wet and windy
But not cold
It takes some getting used to.

Car issues still not resolved
waiting on parts
so there will be another trip

x te

1 comment:

Jo Murray said...

I get the sense that you are loving your new location Trace. It's great not being cold!