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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tyto and Wallaman

Last Friday Dan and I went on a sightseeing trip
around some of our local area
Above is a view of theTyto Wetlands
located in Ingham
and named after the 
Grass Owl Tyto longimembris
(on a tangent this looks interesting)

There were very curious turtles
who raced towards us
as we stood on the bridge
methinks some one has been feeding them

some of them even 
sported fancy head gear in the form of
iridescent blue dragonflies

This not only has the wetlands
but also an art gallery and 
a very nice restaurant
called Tiddalik
after the story of the Frog
who drank all the water

We made some very wise food choices
It was their first day
so we are looking forward
to going back and trying them again
hopefully it will only get better and better

Then we went off to visit Wallaman Falls
which are quite spectacular
I must warn you though the road in leaves 
a lot to be desired
very windy in parts
and partly unsealed
not to mention the 10km stretch 
with cows on the road
they promised Cassowaries as well
but still no sign of those elusive beasts

at the day use area
we went for a walk
found this awesome
strangler fig

with fabulous patterns

and Dan found some where for a swim
I think his totem has to be the seal
Being a Leo perhaps it is really the sea lion

and in the studio
playing still happening
This is a sheet of Hahn 150gsm
Print paper
Currently I am exploring 
tea, rust, ink, xanthorrhoea 
and a bit of indigo glue paint
This piece is about ready to tear up 
into a series of concertina books
which I will work back into 
and make cover/s for

x te


Amanda said...

Hi Trace, I am really enjoying reading about your adventures as you settle into your new home. Have you made a dye/ paint with the xanthorrhoea? Which colour is it?

Trace Willans said...

Hi Amanda, glad you are enjoying the blog. I make the xanthorrhoea in the same way as you would shellac, by dissolving in it an alcohol in my case methyl alcohol know here as methylated spirits. Though in the picture I have been dripping it into puddles of tea, the alcohol and water react rather violently and then dry in interesting patterns. It is the rich red brown that you can see.
x te

Amanda said...

Oh that is a lovely colour! Thank-you for sharing how you made it. I haven't ever experimented with alcohol as a base for dyes although I have used shellac of course.

Jo Murray said...

Looks like you've found a little piece of paradise there Trace.

Velma Bolyard said...

looks like you're enjoying getting to know the region, and you're doing some rich studio work.