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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Touristing and Playing at Home

Last weekend we went for a drive up the coast
to visit Mission Beach
Where we found 
a beach that looked like this

Wonderfully decorated by small crabs
Every now and then 
one would pop out of a hole 
and race across the sand to another hole

Then we had lunch 
and we sat down at a table
looked up and there on the wall
a picture of Hillary's Boat Harbour
we used to live up the road from here
And had dinner there on our 
last night in Perth

Walking out around Port Hinchinbrook Marina
Interesting to see how neatly the tides arrange the sticks

And then up in the studio
I had a visitor
I don't think he really belongs
on the third floor
so I moved him back downstairs to the garden

Some solar dyeing is happening
Using plants gathered on my 
morning walks

The indigo pot is begun
I have started the process with
banana and custard apple

The work bench is looking fuller
with a backing to protect the wall
and a cover for the bench
it is some cement sheet 
so will also be good when I get out the blow torch

My two wax pots arrived this morning
at only 100watts each
I have decided to work just with clear 
and white for the time being
I will underpaint of course

Some staining and rusting has commenced

as well as finding lovely purple
seed fruits that when ripe
give great colour
this is just rubbed on
The seed to the furthest right
has had the out coating removed
I assume by birds
before I gathered it

and this little spot I have dropped on
some alkaline water
and the colour has shifted
 to a more greenish hue

x te


Velma Bolyard said...

brilliant experiments beginning. this looks grand, trace.

Jo Murray said...

WOW...things are really moving along in your new home. Some yummy stuff on the way.

roz said...

you live in a bUUUUtiful part of the world there trace
hinchinbrook island has been on my hiking list for some time
enjoy !

Trace Willans said...

Thank you Velma and Jo, I do like to play
And Roz anytime you want to make use of our spare room you are most welcome