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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Book on Etsy

a small 10 x 10 cm book
made of recycled paint rags

The front and back covers 
are coated in encaustic medium
and home made natural indigo oil paint

inside each of the pages 

is coated in traditional rabbit skin glue gesso

enough to make a nice surface

but not so as to completely obscure the marks

Available here

x te


Seth said...

Love this book. Using the paint rags is inspired.

Trace Willans said...

Thank you Seth, it always seems such a shame to throw out all that paint on the rags, so a few years ago I started using 100% cotton rags so I could reuse them. There are 2 more books waiting to be finished, they will be on Etsy in the next couple of days. x te