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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

3 New paint Rag Books


New books in my Etsy shop
2 small 
and 1 large
for ideas on how to play
with them
Mo Crow is doing lovely things

I hope everyone has a 
Great Festive Season
I will be up at 4.30 am
to get Dan off to work
but I will probably go 
back to bed for a couple of hours

Not sure if we will be having anything special to eat
as we were supposed to go last minute shopping this afternoon
but I just received a text saying
one of the guys at work has rolled the truck
and Dan may have to drive him to Hospital.
Makes things tricky
But there is always Mangoes
thankfully IGA and the bottle shop was still open
so all was ok in the end

x te


Penny said...

Love these, and what Mo is doing. Does the price include Postage? But then perhaps I will wait for a class.
Merry Christmas, I am sure it will be lovely even without special food.

Mo Crow said...

Merry Christmas Trace enjoy your mangoes we have eaten one already and I have just eaten the head of the gingerbread man! There are two pages left in your beautiful Paint Rag Book that I am saving for the Bower Bird Blues Workshop in a few short weeks!
PS working on xmas day????!!!! I hope Dan gets triple time!

Trace Willans said...

No Penny this does not include postage.
I hope he gets triple time Mo but it will only be in accrued leave not actual money. Looking forward to seeing the end result, loved the flannel flower, x te