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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Multiple WIPs

At the moment I am playing with Oil paint
and cold wax medium
it takes a long time to dry
so I am working in multiples

I have several pieces 
of gessoed watercolour paper
taped to my table top

I add to them a little at a time

Some small pieces

I also have some large pieces happening
on improvised easels
foam esky lids on chairs

This is the biggest I am working on
at 100 x 100 cm
and on canvas 
so i will have to go easy on the wax

This is a piece on board

small works tucked underneath

and one on the bench top

Paper pieces live under the bench
so all in all I seem to have a lot happening
 but nothing finished
Hopefully over the Xmas season
I can get some work done
as Dan will be working
apparently prawns need to be fed every day
and this is one of the lovely
tropical Xmas trees
I can see from my balcony
a Poinciana
Delonix regia
originally from Madagascar

x te


Velma Bolyard said...

trace, the work looks good, very good. i love that you're working on so many pieces.

Lynda Howells said...

What ratio do you use for the oil and wax? I am thinking of trying it but no-one l know has ever done it ! :) Your work looks great. Lynda

Trace Willans said...

Thanks Velma
Lynda, a good place to start is and

I make my own cold wax medium, mixing together beeswax and pure gum turpentine, by melting the wax over electric not flame heating and then I pour it into a large jar and add about the same amount of pure gum turpentine give it good stir and leave to go cold. For using I often just mix in some powdered pigment either a small amount on my glass plate or a larger amount which I store in a jar. I also make my own oil paint mixing together linseed or walnut oil and dry pigment. I don't usually add the oil paint to the wax medium but I have. I usually do layers of each separately. Hope that helps

Mo Crow said...

you are on a roll with these paintings Trace!
I love Poinciana trees would love to visit Madagascar one day!