The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Monday, December 8, 2014


Cloud-Walker 2

Cloud-Walker 1

Two new pieces up for sale in my Etsy shop
I had so much fun with these
I mixed up my own oil paint 
with a combination of 
earth pigments and linseed oil
or for the blue natural indigo powder
and I added the pigment to cold wax medium 
which I make myself 
beeswax and pure gum turpentine
I geesoed up some 300gsm watercolour paper
then taped them to the glass tabletop
and built up layers of colour
patiently waiting between
for them to dry
Until one day I looked
and said
that's it

I do believe there shall be more

x te


Penny said...

Looking good, amazing that you make your own pigments. So clever.

Trace Willans said...

Sorry to disappoint you Penny but I buy my pigments. I just make sure they are made of earth. I do hope one day to make my own but now is not the right time.

Velma Bolyard said...

trace these are so good. i love what you're doing and it's rubbed off: sunday i was out at a rock cut rubbing ochre on my little handmade sheets of hosta paper! you are inspiration!

Trace Willans said...

I would love to be working with my own ochre Velma, glad to be able to inspire, Have you seen the images Dorothy Caldwell did? Just wait till you start mixing the ochre with different mediums to see what a difference it makes. Such fun