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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Celebrity Sale

Peter Rowsthorn
This man who only the Aussies might recognise dropped into my market stall and purchased buttons. I know he saw the recognition on my face but I refrained from saying anything. I left the pointing and whispering to everyone else.

And here is what my lovely stall looked like, albeit somewhat late in the day after a few key unphotograhed pieces were sold. I added an extra table this time which meant the buttons could spread them selves out a bit more and everything was a little less crowded. And it meant the buttons were almost costantly being fondled which undoubtedly helped with sales.

Moving in a little closer you can see one of the stitched pictures the other two had already sold also one of the bowls was sold and one of the encaustic boards seen lying down on the table. And I sold quite a few cards which people constantly tell me they are going to frame. Might be something in this art lark.

The lovely buttons in bowls

And this beauty, a lovely encautic triptych called'Confluence' which will be for sale again next market. Might have to write up a little story for it. Would be ubber fantastic to sell it.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Yay!!!! Very pleased for you!

Killiecrankie Farm said...

You have really settled in Te ! Your stall is looking very full and beautifully displayed - and attracting the celebs too ;)

The Bach Tapestry said...

I love your bottuns...they are very cool!