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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some of me Art

Just a couple of small pieces to be going on with.
This is a small automatic drawing working with traditional gesso and charcoal on watercolour paper with just a touch of xanthorrea resin for colour. Then covered with a layer of hot beeswax.

Again working on watercolour paper, but this piece is a little more planned. Firstly the whole piece is covered in a soy and earth pigment paint which I scratched into once dry I painted half with traditional gesso, while it was still wet I dripped in the xanthorrea which causes the gesso to disperse I then scratched into it. The whole piece was finally coated with cold wax.


Lynda Howells said...

question...what is xanthorrea please? love your work.x lynda

Unknown said...

oops i spelt it wrong, xanthorrhoea is our native Grass Tree, known locally as a Black Boy but it is not PC to say that anymore. It produces a red resin very similar to that which some of the Gums exude. I dissolve it in Methelayted Spirits, somewhat like shellac.