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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

in the studio

Thought some of you might be interested in what I am up to in the studio. Above are the pages for a book I am working on. It is made from old paint rags which have had a coat of traditional gesso once thorougly dry i will bind them and give them a nice naturally dyed hand stitched wool and silk cover. I am also hoping to do a book with an additional coating of beeswax brushed over the gesso which creates a different but equally yummy surface to work on with dry media.

These are two little panels ready to sell. They are masonite covered in fabric which has then been painted with milk paints, then coated in several layers of traditional gesso which was sanded to reveal little spots of colour, thye have then had a layer of hot beeswax before being finished with little chinese ink and little zap with the blow torch.

Here are some encaustic pieces in progress, working on paper mache layered with fabric, up in the left corner is a small piece of paper that I brushed with hot wax and then pushed on a mint leaf to create a lovely impression which I will fill with paint, next to that is a small piece of hand stitched naturally dyed silk which I have coated with wax and last but not least is a piece of watercolour paper which I covered in gesso and while it was still wet dropped in xanthorrea  resin dissolved in meths it really got things moving around,( I have a journal full of samples now!!!) this has now been coated in wax so I can work back into it.

and here are some panels that have been painted and are now going through the gesso layering stage. They have had about 4 coats so far and will need about 4 more.
I love my job!!!


Martine said...

it may sound crazy but i often like the making of more then the finished work.
But i'm looking forward to your book.

lynne h said...

te, are these the pages? wow, they're *gorgeous*! will you paint on them, or? i will be back to see the finished book...

love to you...


Trace Willans said...

Yes these are they.I won't be painting on them and the book is finished with a lovely hand stitiched wrap cover which will be for sale.
Only I cant take photos till I get new batteries for the camera. Hopefully tomorrow.
Thanks Martine but the book is so cute. And now there are two.