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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Trip Home

Here we are driving onto the Spirit of Tasmania to begin the long journey home.

The last bit of Tassie slips away and we get to go to our cabin (best idea ever) then a meal that was very ordinary and overpriced before settling off to sleep rocked gently by the ocean, ( I could get very used to that) before being rudely awakened at 5.45am!!!!

We spent a couple of days in Melbourne before continuing
 on to the coast  

Into South Australia and our timing was right for the Blue Lake

More lovely coast a walk out onto a jetty which looks deceptively calm
even though it was blowing a gale.

Onto the Coorong which was so full of water was a wonderful contrast to how it looked
when we passed through 3 years ago.

More Coorong

The car loaded to the max by Lake Alexandrina

And then onto the train, this is the stop in the middle of nowhere Cook.
Talk about 2000 acres of Sky.

And finally we made it to Perth where Dan had to have a swim at Cottesloe Beach.


Jo Murray said...

Such a long journey Trace... time for a break over the Festive Season.

india flint said...

i haven't been to Cook since 1986. looks the same as it did then, nice to know that at least some things don't change much...

trish said...

just delicious. Te, just delicious :)