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Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Molly has had a lovely day today, she had it the best as she gets carried I on the other hand have very sore feets. I walked the whole length of the Market up one side and down the other, I bought some nice tea and some lovely apples and then I got sucked into the wool shop and am now the proud owner of two skeins of alpaca, wool, silk yarn with which I will knit up a beautiful scarf. But it won't be cheap. Then I went and had soup and a bread roll in Salamanca Square. Then a visit to all the art gallerys. Then home for a cup of tea and put my feet up before heading into town where I found a great book in A&Rs on special for a measley $10 it's a lovely cookbook by JUde Blereau called wholefood for the family. I have her other one as well but that is back in the West so it is nice to have one here as well.
Now apparently it's time to go have a drink before dinner, it's a hard life on holidays.

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