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Friday, May 28, 2010

Manna from Heaven

Or at least from Indi@.
A small wee wyllie ago, in fact just before I was about to head off to Melbourne I received the most delightful package in the mail for the amazing and ever wonderful miss India Flint. Such a gorgeous bag of goodies and so remiss of me to leave it this long for a thankyou. I have some yummy bits of blankie and some silk as well as little shell sequins and a book all about little hand made paper envelopes. Of which if you purchase one of my small items you would get it in one of my very own wee envelpopes. Oh and the lovely picture postcard of Indias last exhibition.
Perhaps their will be pics of what happens with some of this stuff, a few of the sequins have already made thier way onto the feral.

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