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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Post Market

It's a very chilly Monday morning here in Melbourne, but thats ok. The heater is on, the work is over and today we go shopping. Or more likely is looking and lusting without buying. But thats fun too.
Ivanhoe market was pretty darn dismal this time, hardly any people came to visit and of my two sales of the day one of them was another stall holder, so sadly I won't be going back there again. Though I did have a lovely chat with a woman who was interested in me running some classes, so that was good.
You can't just take money off people and have a venue available, there needs to be some form of marketing or it's all going to fizzle. A darn shame really as there were some nice people with some very nice stuff.
The Abbotsford Market on the other hand went off. It was wonderful, saw lots of people who said lots of nice things and some of them even gave me money to take some of my treasures away. So this morning its not just the warm glow from the heater I am feeling.
Today I am off into town to flash my wares at Buttonmania and fingers crossed they will be interested in stocking me. Also going to buy some fixings so I can have some lovely new pendants ready for the next market.
So next month I will be back at the Convent in Abbotsford onSunday June 20 but at the moment no venue for the saturday, so if anyone knows of a great market in the Melbourne area where I will be loved please let me know. I do so want to be able to keep coming back.


Anonymous said...

oh didums , it can only improve...chin up

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Good on your for trying lots of markets and venues. I should do so myself but I think what's holding me back is a fear of failure. I should get over myself and aim for summer. Keep it up:)

Trace Willans said...

I need to make a living at this stuff. Aint go time to worry about failure.