The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yes another order through this morning so the 4 oval buttons in the last post are off to the Netherlands. I wish I could deliver by hand. Now wouldn't that be the funnest thing.
I so wish to do more travelling. I think coastlines and islands of the world is a very nice aim to have in life.
I best get in to the studio and make more buttons, They seem to be selling like hotcakes.


Anonymous said...

I can immagine Dutchies order your buttons, they are beautiful.

Trace Willans said...

Good I hope lots of them go there and then maybe one day I can go visit them.

dorie said...

I'am far behind commenting and posting - hope to do some soon, keep tuned (and thanks again..)