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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bundling Workshop

Chthonic 2
This is a pic of a recently completed piece. It is layers of plaster bandage and stitched cloth, painted with milk paints and finished with hot beeswax.
And these are some pictures I have taken to advertise an upcoming bundling workshop in Snug Hobart at the Craft Hive in August.
I took this photo on Thusday and then sold this piece of fabric about an hour later.
This is a lovely felted wrap.

Leaf prints on one of my vests.
Another vest.

And a different one again. The vest supply is building!!
And a pic of some bundles in progress. These are two bundles with materials gathered from Ocean Beach and 1 from Sarah Island from our visit to Starahan. Of which I should get pics up sometime this weekend. 


Jasmine said...

Amazing pictures. Love your work!

dorie said...

lovely! good to sell your stuff so quickly, that keeps you inspired