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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lucky Dip Me!!!

Must thank the lovely Lisa for saying some delicious things about me over here. I t does give one a little zip of excitement when someone loves what you do. Today I spent the day firing more buttons so now have a huge bag of smokies to wash up and hopefully I will get enough sunshine in the morning to take some photos of them. My options here at home in my little 1 bedroom flat are severely limited and unless I am home and there is sun I just don't have any way of getting a decent picture and you know it poured with rain all weekend and the last two days I have been in the studio while the sun was shining but all is not lost. I wont be going in till after lunch tomorrow so fingers crossed...........
And I read over on another blog let me see if I can find it.( No sorry. If whoever you are reads his please let me know so I can add you in!!!)
That birthdays mean giveaways. So seeing as I had one of those just last week I will have to have a rumage around and see if there is anything I have that people might like. Any suggestions???

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