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Friday, July 9, 2010

In Print!!

I was in the newsagent today to buy some phone credit and as a part of the ritual I went to have a little peruse of the magazines being as how I have a small addiction that way. I just happened to pick up this magazine and was having a flick through trying to resist buying it, firstly I noticed the lovely big ad for incube8r where I have a cube and thought nice bit of publicity there and maybe I should get my act together and get myself on their website. I flicked a bit further and found a scrummy little article on the divine Miss indiaflint and I could feel myself wavering but I resisted and it was in the process of returning the mag to the shelf that the deal was clinched. It flicked open to the back page and right up there in the magic left hand top corner was a little picture that would bring joy to my heart. 4 little smoke fired ceramic buttons all lined up on a pice of naturally dyed blankie and underneath a little blurb abd a link to my blogspot (thats here!!!) Oh me oh my to think in print and I didnt even know. Best make more buttons!!!!!!


Jasmine said...

Congratulations! Your buttons are beautiful, I can see why they would want to include your work. Its a shame they did not tell you about it though :)

dorie said...

Good for you, I bet you have bought that magazine!

hideyo. said...

CONGRATULATIONS lovely lady!!!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Thats a fantastic surprise! Well done:)