The Earth Reliant Artist

Trace Willans All Natural Mixed Media

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Work New Theme

Mending Land II
Encaustic and Mixed Media
on cradled board
30 x 30cm

It is funny how things happen
I needed some photocopied images
for the demos I am currently doing
to show the transfer technique


and I happened upon a pile of pictures
that are scans of work I did at university
and voila
it all came together
how to add stitch to my work

Mending Land
Encasutic and Mixed media
on Cradled Board
30 x 30cm

And to continue with my beloved Abstract Landscapes


And make a statement?
a comment?
a something
on my feelings for the Earth
and what we are doing

Mending Land III
Encaustic and Mixed media
on Cradled Board
30 x 30cm

Encaustic and Mixed Media
on Cradled Board
30 x 30cm

This is where it actually started
So glad I scanned my pieces way back when
that I used the right photocopier
I think I stay and play here for a while
Must do me some stitching

x te


Gina said...

Hi Trace ... the scanned bits certainly adds more layers - always a good thing, interesting, mysterious ... nice! ... enjoyed your bali posting also (made me feel quite relaxed reading about it !) ... always nice to take a break from routine (its never a break from art, which is a way of life)

a tad more than i meant to say just to let you know i am reading you regularly >>> Gina

Velma Bolyard said...

mending...especially mending land iii really really good. i love that one.

Jo Murray said...

I'm such a fan of what you do Trace. The idea of 'mending' land resonates with me.